Treating Your Endometriosis

Endometriosis Alternative Treatment

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Monday, 12 September 2011

Endometriosis Back Pain

Endometriosis back pain is unfortunately one of the more common symptoms felt by endometriosis sufferers, both before and during menstruation. At times, the pain can be so bad that sufferers can be wholly incapacitated.

It is not uncommon for the back pain to get steadily worse over time, which can lead to mistakenly believe that the pain may be skeletal or muscular related, rather than endometriosis. This may obviously cause a worrying and stressful time.

In most instances, aching starts in the lower back, moving down to the top of the thigh via the buttocks. This may not be endometriosis but could be sciatica, so an accurate diagnosis is essential.

As soon as endometriosis has been confirmed, improvements can be effected by making use of the many, varied endometriosis treatments that are available to sufferers.

At first, most sufferers turn to pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs, but these will only provide short term relief. As endometriosis back pain is a recurring problem in sympathy with the menstrual cycle, the obvious point of attack should be the source of the problem, the endometriosis itself.

To find out what choices are available to control endometriosis symptoms, and which option is right for you, a consultation with your doctor is the best starting point.

Treatment offered could be hormone regulation, or surgery involving removal of endometrial implants, endometrial tissue and adhesions. Birth control pills that control levels of estrogen can also be an effective solution, with the added bonus of providing contraception.

For some sufferers, the preferred endometriosis treatment option is to take an alternative, natural approach. One such option could be acupuncture, a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By using a practitioner experienced in endometriosis related back pain, the idea is to formulate an individually tailored plan designed to rebalance the body.

Endometriosis lower back pain can be a very serious and debilitating condition, so exploring the alternative treatments available may be just what is needed to provide enough pain relief to restore quality of life.

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