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Endometriosis Alternative Treatment

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Endometriosis Stages

It is worth bearing in mind that the endometriosis symptoms experienced do not necessarily relate closely to the extent or severity of the endometriosis condition itself. For example symptoms may be severe in nature but the endometriosis itself mild, or mild symptoms may exist that you may even be unaware of, but the endometriosis could be at an advanced stage.

Endometriosis symptoms vary a great deal from person to person, but in all instances, the severity is measured in stages. These endometriosis stages consist of four levels of severity.

Stage 1

In this stage, you can define endometriosis as minimal, which may cause fertility issues. Medications would normally be used to treat endometriosis stage 1, but if pregnancy is the aim and proving to be difficult, then surgery may be an option to remove even tiny amounts of lesions and endometrial implants. It is advisable to treat endometriosis at this stage to prevent progression of the condition, potentially leading to organ damage at a later date.

Stage 2

This stage can be thought of as mild, but usually several lesions or implants are visible. In endometriosis stage 2, endometriosis usually exists in at least one of the ovaries, which can lead to the blocking of your fallopian tubes by scar tissue, or the ovaries by implants.

Stage 3

This is termed the moderate stage. You can define endometriosis stage 3 as the stage when endometriosis can be found in the uterus and both ovaries, with deeper implants and lesions, covering a greater area than found in endometriosis stage 2. Past experience has demonstrated that surgery has the biggest effect when dealing with fertility issues.

Stage 4

The most severe is endometriosis stage 4, which is defined as when endometriosis is prevalent in the abdominal cavity. Stage 4 can be extremely dangerous because it may affect other organs, and is also the stage that is most often involved with infertility.

If you are having problems getting pregnant then it is always possible that you could be experiencing one of these advanced stages of endometriosis.

It is paramount that you do not ignore your symptoms and never delay treatment.

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